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10 Signs Of A Platonic Soulmate And How To Recognize Them



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We talk a lot about finding our romantic counterparts. We obsess over finding our one true love and getting our happily ever after. It’s hard not to let the search for “The One” take over your entire life, but there are other connections that are just as valuable. Here are some signs you’ve found a platonic soulmate and you should never let them go.

You’re 100% yourself around them. 

It’s pretty amazing when you can find a friend that makes you feel completely comfortable and at home in your own skin. Often times we feel pressure to act, think, dress, etc. a certain way in order to impress friends or have things in common with them but a platonic soulmate will love you just the way you are even if the two of you happen to be total opposites.

You can trust them with your secrets. 
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Being able to trust your friends is so important in order to have strong relationships with them. If you find a person that you know will keep all of your deepest, most personal secrets safe and you feel comfortable sharing everything with them no matter what it is, it’s possible that you’ve found your platonic soulmate.

They showed up at the perfect time. 
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People often think that a platonic soulmate has to be a friend that you’ve known your whole life but that isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to hold on to their childhood friends but friends we make as adults can be just as special and sacred to us. If this person came into your life at a time when you really needed someone like them, there’s a chance it was all destiny and they really are your platonic soulmate.

They don’t pressure you in anything. 
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Peer pressure is real and unfortunately, it’s not something we always leave in high school. Our adult friends can also put pressure on us to do things we may not want to or to be a certain way. Your platonic soulmate will never pressure you to do anything that you’re not comfortable with or to be anyone that you aren’t. They’ll respect and understand that you are who you are and they’ll love and accept you no matter what.

They motivate you to keep going. 
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We all go through slumps where things get difficult and we don’t feel motivated to keep going. It could be in work. It could be with a particular goal we’re trying to achieve. Whatever it is that’s keeping you down, your platonic soulmate will always be the one to push you to not give up. They’ll be your biggest cheerleader and your hype person to get you invigorated and excited about it again.

They never feel threatened by you. 
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There can be a lot of insecurity and jealousy within friends groups and unfortunately, even our close friends might rejoice in our downfalls because it makes them feel better about themselves. Your platonic soulmate will ALWAYS celebrate your successes. They will always be genuinely happy and excited for you when good things happen in your life. They won’t ever be threatened or jealous of you.

They check in on you. 
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We all get busy in life and things like family, kids, and work have a tendency to take over every spare minute of our time. It can be hard to remember to check in on everyone in your life but your true platonic soulmate will always remember and check up on you to make sure you’re good. In return, you’ll always remember to check on them too.

You have fun no matter what you’re doing. 
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Platonic soulmates don’t need a specific plan to have fun. They don’t a huge event to attend or a ton of money to spend on a dope vacation. Platonic soulmates can have fun just hanging around, lying on the couch, taking a drive to nowhere, or talking about life. A true, platonic soulmate is someone that makes you feel good just by being present. There doesn’t have to be a lot involved in it.

You tell each other like it is. 
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As much as a true, platonic soulmate will love you and accept you no matter what, they’ll also be the one to call you out when you need to be. They’ll be the one to be honest with you and give it to you straight. It won’t be their intention to ever hurt you or make you feel bad but they’ll want to give you the truth in order to help you.

They understand you like no one else can. 
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One of the biggest signs of a platonic soulmate is if they just “get you”. They understand you in a way that no one else can. They know why you are the way that you are and they love you for it. They understand all the deepest dreams of your heart and want everything good in the world for you. If you find a friend who understands you like no one else can and loves and accepts you, that is definitely a soulmate worth fighting for.

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