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Signs He Secretly Likes You As More Than A Friend



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When you get close to a guy, it’s normal to question if he’s starting to develop feelings. You may start trying to observe his choice of words and body language when the two of are together to see if there’s any truth to your suspicions. Of course, the easiest way to know if he’s interested in being more than friends is to ask him directly. However, if you don’t want to do that, keep your eye out for these signs he secretly likes you as more than a friend.

He Responds To Your Messages Quickly.

If he replies to you in a timely manner, never leaves you on read, and messages you pretty often, then it’s likely caught feelings. It’s a sign that you’re on the top of his mind and he enjoys communicating with you. Of course, this could also be a sign that he values the friendship. But it’s possible it can blossom into more if he enjoys talking to you this much.

He Always Comments On Your Photos And Posts.
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Not only is this a sign he likes interacting with you, but that he always wants to get your attention. He’s trying to let you know he likes your photos and is interested in what you’re doing and what you have to say. If he’s commenting publicly, it also means he’s not afraid to let others know of his interest in you.

He Wants To Spend Alone Time With You.
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This is one of the biggest signs he secretly likes you as more than a friend. If the two of you spend one-on-one time together, it’s a sure-fire sign that he likes your company. Especially if you do things that could be considered dates (like watch movies or grab a bite to eat), he’s probably thought about what it would be like if the two of you did formally start dating. If he continues doing things alone, it means he wants to get to know you and see what direction your friendship (or, should we say, potential relationship) can go.

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He Compliments You Frequently. Whether he says something nice about your appearance, accomplishments, or talents, giving you frequent compliments is a sign that he thinks highly of you and wants you to know that’s how he feels. Consider whether he’s the type to be honest or blunt about his feelings. If the answer is yes, then is compliments are an even stronger sign that he’s digging you.

He Pays Attention To You In A Group.
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Whether you’re at a party, attending class, or hanging out with mutual friends, if he seems to pay more attention to you than anyone else, it’s a sign you’re special to him. He can’t get enough of you – which is why his attention always directs back to you. If you want to see where things could go, try suggesting the two of you do something one-on-one. If he’s down, especially if he seems really excited, it’s likely he’s developing feelings.

He Doesn’t Like Hearing About Your Love Life.
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Think of it this way – if you’re interested in a guy, you’re not going to want to hear him go on and on about the girl he’s dating or has a crush on. So, why would he feel any different if he likes you? If he seems uninterested, tries to change the topic, or his body language seems awkward, it’s a sign he doesn’t want to hear you talk about your love life – and the reason is probably that he’s secretly crushing on you.

He Doesn’t Discuss Other Girls In Front Of You.
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If a guy wants to be more than friends, then the object of his affection is going to be you and not another girl. He’ll likely avoid discussing his love life in front of you because he doesn’t want to make you jealous (or he doesn’t have one). Of course, some guys may brag about the women they’re dating to the girl they actually like jealous. This is a sign of immaturity, so proceed with caution if this is the case.

He Likes Making Physical Contact With You.
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Body language says a lot about a person’s feelings. So, if he’s constantly trying to make physical contact with you, it’s a strong sign he’s hoping your friendship will turn into more. Compare how often he hugs you, puts his arm around you, or simply gets close when you’re sitting together. If his actions appear to express interest, then his heart is likely doing the same. This is another one of those major signs he secretly likes you as more than a friend.

He Remembers The Details Of What You Say.
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When someone remembers the little things, it means you’re important to them. He likes hearing what you have to say, and he wants to convey that. If he follows up with you or asks how something went – like if you’re struggling with anxiety or had a big exam – then it’s a clear sign he cares.

He Does Acts Of Service For You.
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If he goes out of his way to help you out (especially if he does it without being asked), then he truly cares for you. This is especially true if he has to go way out of his way or if you don’t think he’d do the same for the other friends in his life. It’s another sign that he cares about your well-being.

Once you figure out if a guy is interested in more than being friends, it’s important to identify where you want things to go – if you just want to stay friends or if you want something more, too. The sooner you let him know the better, so he can either move on or move forward with you.

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