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Get Away Song Lyrics




Are you looking for Get Away Song Lyrics then you are at right place. Here we provide you full song lyrics of this song.

Get Away by Summer Walker

I wish
I could pull up in front of your crib
Do it hard, back inside of my whip
Do your back in the back, back of a Cadillac
I don’t want no phones
Got your girl callin’, talking ’bout “Come home”
I know, you know I want
You all to myself, yeah, yeah

‘Cause everybody needs an escape sometimes
Everybody wants to get away from their everyday life sometimes
Everyday life sometimes, everyday life sometimes
With the one they love the most

Show me what I’m missin’
Teach me to forgive
What about what we lеft behind in the way, yeah, yеah, yeah, yeah?
Summertime’s waitin’ on, you
Summertime’s, lovin’ you, ooh, ooh
Summertime, waitin’ on you
[Instrumental Break]
You make me
So, free
I can’t let you leave ’til we get back
We break up fast
Don’t know where we at
Your vibe’s so good, hmm, hmm
Your vibe’s so good
Can’t feel [?] when you speak, you got me goin’ crazy

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