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Include Me in Your Life Song Lyrics




Are you looking for Include Me in Your Life Song Lyrics then you are at right place. Here we provide you full song lyrics of this song.

Include Me in Your Life by Diana Ross

Remember baby
When you took my heart
You said you’d never leave me
You said well never be apart
Oh, my things changed

Oh, but sometimes things happen honey
That we can’t explain
Oh, but it’s all over now
I just want to love you again
Might as well consider me
A part of your life you have to keep

Right here I am again
Believing in what you say
Not knowing if you mean it
But love me in every word anyway

Don’t you know again
My life it’s needed
You made me what I am today
Darling, darling
I forgive you
I lovе you too much to stay away

Why don’t we take
I feel the flight train
I’m rеady yes
Let’s not wait anytime
Life is pretty short
Just happiness…

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