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Paranoid Song Lyrics




Are you looking for Paranoid Song Lyrics then you are at right place. Here we provide you full song lyrics of this song.

Paranoid by Ty Dolla $ign

[Intro: Ty Dolla $ign] + (DJ Mustard)
Ohhhhh (yeah!) Dolla $ign!
(Y’all know who I am, right?)
{“Mustard on the beat, ho~!”} (Let’s go!)

[Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign]
I see two of my b**ches in the club
And I know they know about each other…
I think these b**ches tryna set me up
Maybe Im just paranoid…
[Ty Dolla $ign] + (DJ Mustard)
I got a bad light skin from Cali (what)
She be in the club with all baddies (yeah)
Little momma used to be my main b**ch (yeah)
But now we dont speak the same language (let’s go!)
I love my b**ch, I could bang it
But my dark skin b**ch know how to take dick (what)
Yeah, she wear the red bottoms all night
You never heard of Dolla $ign, bet you will now (everybody turn up, c’mon~!)
I tell ’em both of my b**ches drive Range Rovers… (yeah.. whassup)
None of my b**ches eat leftovers… (nah)
Both of my b**ches look good as f**k… (what)
Your b**ch look like a boogawolf… (let’s go!)
[Chorus] w/ ad-libs
[Interlude: Ty Dolla $ign]
Yeah, Im paranoid, Im trippin’
Ive been smokin’, Ive been sippin’
Im f**kin’ around with two b**ches
But I never made them hoes my missus
[Trey Songz] + {DJ Mustard}
Got bad Spanish b**ches in Miami (WOOOO!)
sh*t, all the b**ches Spanish in Miami (WOOOO!)
I’m gettin’ pussy like I am me (yeah)
Hatin’ ass niggas can’t stand me {hah}
Flown cross country out to Cali
Work it out like Bally’s
Introduced the hoes to my homies
Titties feelin’ all silicone {dang!}
All of my b**ches play sleepover… {what’cha say Trey? What’cha say?}
And then we f**k, and then we bust and do the sheets over
And then we f**k and then we f**k and then we bust
None of my b**ches wanna f**k with you… {nah}
All of my b**ches eat pussy too.. yes they do {let’s go!}

[Chorus] + [Interlude]
[French Montana] + {DJ Mustard}
How we do it? MONTANA~!
Ty, it’s Taylor Gang – HAAAH~!

If I gave a f**k about a b**ch, I’d always be broke (uh-huh)
I’d never have no motherf**kin’ indo to smoke
I get in with +Toony+, niggas actin’ +Looney+ (HAH!)
Do you, let your girl do me
Now I got a b**ch out in Oakland, got a b**ch in the A
Got a b**ch out in Portland, got a b**ch in the Bay
Got a b**ch out in Queens, got a b**ch in the Valley
I be reppin’ the East, while I’m smokin’ in Cali {let’s go!}
HAH! Manage sh*t, head gettin’ risky (risky)
Feelin’ like Short with b**ches (BIATCH!)
Paranoid, rolla toya
Now I’m ballin’ like A.I. on the Hoyas (swish!) benches moya
High gettin’ bent
b**ches catchin’ paranoid, must be the Hen
Then again, I be pimpin’ like Hugh Heff (WOO!)
Seen two of my b**ches two step {let’s go!} … MONTANA~!

[Chorus] w/ ad-libs
[Outro: DJ Mustard]
Now this is what I want y’all to do – hands up, everybody come on!
Hands up! Hands up!
If you came to f**kin’ party – hands up!
Hands up! Hands up!
If you came to f**kin’ party – hands up!
Now just rock! Just rock!
If you came to f**kin’ party just rock!
Now just rock! Just rock!
… And this is the remix~!

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