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RIP Kobe Song Lyrics




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RIP Kobe by Meek Mill

[Intro: Meek Mill]

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I got niggas eatin’ on me and they never told me
I got niggas in they feelings ’bout this money and they really owe me
This b**ch I’m f**kin’ always tell me that she love me but she ain’t ever showed me
Yeah, and if I ever lack, I’m goin’ out with my chopper, it be another Kobe
sh*t, I could tell that they ain’t never know me
‘Cause if they knew me they would’ve never showed me
It was ’bout some money
Too much givin’ and not receivin’, that’s when it got real funny
And if he fell out ’bout some paper, then that’s not your homie
And you can’t feel it like I feel it ’cause it’s not your money
Pfft, why we even talking ’bout my money?
If you my dawg then you my dawg, sh*t it ain’t ’bout no money
Speakin’ on that man pockets, sound like gossip to me
sh*t’ll turn you to a hater, you ain’t got no money
New York City through the night, it feel like Gotham to me
Got the Maybach with the curtains, she gon’ top it for me, top it for me
At the condo she gon’ pop it for me
Look me in my eyes and say she love me, I know she lyin’ to me
But it’s gon’ make me f**k her harder, f**k her harder
I’ve been ballin’ like I’m James Harden, been goin’ farther
I just walked in, all these chains on us, it’s pure water
Anything I put my name on, I stood on it, no bap
[Verse 2: Lil Baby]
We sleep together but it be lonely ’cause I don’t let her hold me
I know them niggas they be on her but she don’t ever show me
I made a promise before God, that want’ll never hold me
I damn near wanna have a son, so I can name him Kobe
Daughter Gigi, I done beat them odds, I wish lil’ one could see me
Tiger took the charge without a problem, there he ever need me
I didn’t f**k no women when I was in prison, lookin’ that on TV
Boostin’ up my status, need one with class, might snatch up with RiRi
VVS, Aston Martin truck, they ain’t seen yet
Keep a check, quarter-million daily, I can’t even flex
f**k the hex, I’ma break the curse, I know my prayers work
Hoppin’ on them opp block with them chopsticks, I was head-first
Yeah I’m sittin’ at the top spot but I’ve been puttin’ my leg work
Every day a new problem, it start to make my head hurt
Money bring me up from depression, I don’t think these med work
The lawyer want three hunnid for Dugg, they talkin’ fed work, damn
All these millions, how you gon’ get caught up in the jam?
Still I’ll f**k a regular b**ch like I don’t know who I am
Never went for no extortion, damn near don’t pay Uncle Sam
It’s like this music sh*t the easy part, I read it off the ‘Gram
Momma tryna get her sh*t together, we stayed with our grandma
Been lendin’ out my arm too much, I’m ’bout to cut my hands off
I never thought that it would come to this, I gotta cut my mans off
I knew I would catch up with him, he thought that he ran off

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