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Track 6 Song Lyrics




Are you looking for Track 6 Song Lyrics then you are at right place. Here we provide you full song lyrics of this song.

Track 6 by Ty Dolla $ign

[Intro: Kanye West & Future]
I’m tryna roll like a thug already
Take you back and then out to the club already
I’m tryna make you some kids already
Make me go half on the crib already (Dolla $ign, Dolla $ign, Dolla $ign, Dolla $ign)

[Refrain: Ty Dolla $ign & Thundercat]
Say less, don’t talk to me (Talk to me, talk to me)
Say less, don’t talk to me (Please don’t talk to me)
[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
Too many questions (Questions), not enough answers (Answers)
You want some more time (More time), I just don’t have none (Have none)
We can get to the point (To the point), skip all the small talk (Small talk)
‘Nuff of the long talks (Long talks), send you on a long walk (Skrrt)
I got a lot on my mind, things that I’m goin’ through
Don’t wanna talk to you (Talk to you), way too involved with you (Oh no)
To sent you the voicemail (Voicemail), I had them bars on you
Who was you talking to? (Ooh) Phone cut off on you

[Chorus: Kanye West, Thundercat, Kanye West & Thundercat]
No long talks
Everything is my fault (Everything is my fault)
No long, no long emails, no long text
No long talks (No long talks)
Everything is my fault (Everything is my fault)
You need to get to the point already
We ain’t tryna get to the club already (Oh, ooh)
[Refrain: Ty Dolla $ign & Thundercat]
Say less, don’t talk to me (Talk to me, talk to me)
Say less, don’t talk to me (Please don’t talk to me)
[Verse 2: Anderson .Paak & Ty Dolla $ign]
Know I shouldn’t have stayed too long
Running out of—
Peace lil’ mama, it was me, it was all my fault
Three in the morning, I should be more kind to my liver
I go belly up with three side piece desserts
Around this time, it start to look like Caribana
When I’m ’round, she want me to bust down on the kitten
Message on read, was kinda livid
Never paid for **** but I cop a couple french fries
Pills in a Ziploc, you should come and get me
Your favorite thing is in her
It’s right between the center
He put you up on game like a mentor
He **** and then forget ya
You called and he just saved her
My pockets on big boy, my drop was color sea foam
He thought that puka was all you good for
I’m here to show you you more
[Outro: Thundercat]
Guess that’s what I’m here for
Here for (Here for)
Ooh (Ooh)
Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah

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