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Tylenol Island Song Lyrics




Are you looking for Tylenol Island Song Lyrics then you are at right place. Here we provide you full song lyrics of this song.

Tylenol Island by Eminem

[Intro: Eminem]
Slim motherf**kin’ Shady
Missy Elliott, Timbo, c’mon, yo

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I’m homicidal and suicidal, with no friends
Holding a gun with no handles, just a barrel at both ends
Sprayin’ TECs at you until you see your f**kin’ legs
With the bullet holes and the exit wounds layin’ next to you
f**kin’ mad dog, foamin’ at the mouth
f**k mouth, my whole house is foamin’ at the couch
Jumped out of the ninety-third floor of a buildin’
And shot every window out on the way down to the ground (Keep filmin’!)
Woke up to a hospital staff, got up and laughed
Chopped ’em in half and suffocated your oxygen mask
sh*t, if I get any higher I’ma get the East and West beefin’ again
Fly back to Detroit and stand in the crossfire

[Interlude: Ken Kaniff]
Oh f**k. Oh sh*t. I got the hotel room ready. What time are you getting off… work? Or shall I say… what time are you coming home.
[Verse 2: Eminem]
A’ight, yo, yo, yo
One more time, yo
I’m only smilin’ when I’m violent, got on a plane wylin’
Told the pilot to fly me to Tylenol Island (Now)
Stewardess like, “You restless?” “Nah, b**ch, I’m restful
Just hold this f**kin’ jet still so I can eat these pretzels”
Forget school, the other kids are disrespectful
They hold me down and play connect-the-dots with my freckles (Leave me alone)
I can’t take it, I’m tryin’ to gain weight, so I eat steak
Swallow the whole plate and weigh myself naked ([?])
Put out albums to teach kids family values
‘Cause every mom and dad should allow you to pop Valiums
And never hit someone unless you got a reason
And if there ain’t a reason, make one up, start swingin’

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