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2023: Jega tasks new PRP leaders on rebuilding Nigeria



Professor Attahiru Jega

Former Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, Attahiru Jega, has asked newly elected NEC of the People’s Redemption Party to be re-dedicated to winning the 2023 general elections.

Mr Jega, who is a leader of PRP in his remarks at the National Convention of the party held on Saturday in Abuja, said the party has the opportunity to win the 2023 elections and rebuild Nigeria.

“As a registered political party with registered members, we have a unique opportunity given the history and the antecedents of this party, the PRP, to actually contest and win elections, so that we can bring good governance to our country.

“Nigeria politics has been captured and dominated, and in fact it’s even being destroyed by people who are self serving, who are not patriotic, who are visionless in terms of how this country can develop.

“It is very important that we all as members of this progressive party dedicate our efforts to ensuring that the electoral process brings out good people in elected positions in our country,” Mr Jega said.

Congratulating the newly elected NEC members of the party, Mr Jega urged them to go back to their respective wards, local governments and states to mobilise members for the party.

“A long time ago, our mentor, our father, the late Malam Aminu Kano, said that the PRP is the party of the future, and the future begins now.

“So, we must begin to dictate our efforts and the energies into building that future for our children, for our grandchildren and in fact for many of us who are young, it’s possible to have a good future.

“Our government and the state, at the local and the at the federal levels, have long abandoned governance and no country can develop without good governance, without good people driving good governance.

“So, I urge us to go back and realise that’s really the work ahead of us is quite a lot, it may even seem difficult but it is not impossible to do it, and we should make it possible,” the former INEC chief said.