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A ‘Strictly No Men Allowed’ Night Club Is Coming And Women Can’t Wait



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A nightclub strictly for women with “no men allowed” is coming to the UK next month as part of a nationwide tour and it’s safe to say women are thrilled about it. Lick Events will take over the Ritz nightclub in Manchester on May 7 for the special evening and I’ve never wanted to be anywhere more.

Lick nights are “for women, by women.” That means literally no men allowed. They’re not welcome. This one is for the ladies and aims to provide a safe space for women and transgender people to be able to enjoy a night out safely without harassment or worse by men.

The event has been running for a while now. It first began in London’s Vauxhall district back in 2019 and now it’s expanding to other areas of the UK, with the Manchester evening expected to be a huge hit with locals. They’ll also hit Birmingham and Brighton later this spring and more events are in the works.

The evening is everything you want when you’re out with your girls. There are live DJ sets, drinks, and a whole lot of (safe) fun for women to enjoy. Lick even posts amazing TikTok videos sharing what their special nights are like.

Everyone outside of Manchester (myself included) is pretty jealous. As one person commented: “You know how I know this works? Because it would never work if it was an all-men bar. Men go on the pull. Girls go to have fun.” Another added: “I am a middle-aged het man and love this. Women partying with women will be a fun atmosphere.”

Women outside of the UK want the event to go global. And why shouldn’t it expand to elsewhere in Europe and even North America? “Wow we should have these in the Netherlands… I would love a night out without being harassed,” one commenter suggested. Fingers cross that eventually happens!