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The New World Cup Ball Unveiled By Adidas




The giant sportswear firm has unveiled the 14th ball designed for the 2022 World Cup, which the manufacturer says is the fastest ball “in-flight” ever.

The latest edition of the World Cup will be staged in Qatar, with 32 teams set to compete for the most prestigious trophy in international football in November.

Adidas officially revealed that the state-of-the-art ball known as Al Rihla 2022 World Cup football is available exclusively via different Adidas stores until April 12. However, the main launch will take place on April 13, after which the ball will be available even for independent retailers.


The competition is scheduled to take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. The tournament provides a great opportunity for football fans as well as sports betting enthusiasts to see their favorite teams play as they try their luck on sites like Betway.


Having said that, the Adidas Telstar 18 was the official ball of the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup. It was designed and created by Adidas,  a FIFA official match ball supplier, and partner since 1970, and was based on the original Adidas World Cup match ball concept.


What Makes This Official World Cup 2022 Ball Unique?


Al Rihla means “the journey” in Arabic, and the ball design was inspired by Qatar’s unique architecture, “iconic” boats, and national flag. The Al Rihla is said to move faster in the air than previous World Cup balls and provide “precision and reliability on the field of play.”

Franziska Löffelmann, the design director of football graphics and hard wear at Adidas, shared some of the ball’s main features.

“The game is getting faster, and as it speeds up, accuracy and flight stability becomes critically important,” she said when describing the Al Rihla. “The new design allows the ball to maintain its speed considerably higher as it journeys through the air.” This tournament’s goalkeepers might find it hard, I guess. Just thinking aloud about the enhanced speed and accuracy!

The ball combines the primary color, white, with a multicolor, newer design. It also features a totally new frame shape design. The frames’ shape is inspired by traditional dhow boats, particularly the triangular sails used on them, and is designed with 20 panels.

Officially, the color scheme was influenced by the Doha Qatar skyline at night. It’s the colors of the traditional white Arab clothing and the Qatari flag.

The speedshell is another innovation of the ball. Just like Betway’s intuitive design Is designed to enhance user experience on the site, Speedshell’s  goal is to increase the speed of the ball’s flight and rotation in order to achieve perfect shots and great aerodynamics.


Al Rihla’s Other Features


The Al Rihla’s core is the desire to “improve reliability and precision” and to support quick passages of play while maintaining shape. The ball’s 20 panels are included to help improve aerodynamics, allowing players to enhance the precision and maneuver of their shots.

The Al Rihla was made entirely of water-based inks and glues, and the release marks the start of Adidas’ global tour to help “boost access and equity” for local soccer communities.

One percent of all Al Rihla sales will be donated to the Common Goal movement.