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Sheikh chooses to remain in Prison despite court setting him free




A Muslim cleric who was charged with terrorism in 2018 shocked a Nairobi court on Thursday after he declined to leave prison despite being acquitted.

Sheikh Guyo Gorsa, a former Madrassa teacher in Marsabit, told Magistrate Wendy Muchemi that he was not ready to leave Kamiti Maximum Prison since he feared for his life.

After the court set him free, the former Madrassa teacher refused to be handed to his relatives who were in court saying he feared he would be killed.

Gorsa claimed that he would be executed by government agents hence asked to remain in custody until an application he filed at the High Court to be granted State protection is determined.

Magistrate Wendy Muchemi agreed with Gorsa’s application but for a period of 30 days in which he will pay for remand services.

The accused was arrested in 2018 by the Anti Terror Police Unit and was subsequently accused of being an Al Shabaab operative, using his position as a religious leader in Marsabit to recruit youths into the outlawed group.

He was also accused of commissioning acts of terror.

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