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They shouldn’t go scot free – Reactions trail video of teenagers gulping drinks in supermarket and putting them back



teen drink

Two teenage boys have been captured on camera acting irresponsibly inside a supermarket.

The youths took drinks and juice from the shelves which they gulped and placed back in the same section they were displayed.

Someone who appears to have come with them recorded their inappropriate and illegal act as they continued to do it for fun.

In reaction to the clip, social media users condemned them and said they need to be arrested.

Watch the video HERE

kolawoleolalekanart; If u’v experienced poverty before.. u will pity them.

unza_redbag; Madness, that guy can afford bluetooth headsets but he can’t afford either a drink or water

munachianawude; Why not arrest them since you have the footage

glenn240; Does is why, I keep telling my friends, if you buy anything from a shop, always pick from the back. The article is front, are either about to ” expire ” or as we see hear , some ” wicked guys ” are contaminating the product

sherihugh; Can imagine that is your mom store or your family owned that store that is not funny at all

austincorneliusok; If God doesn’t intervene, their lives becomes a waste. Smh

raykonstudius; Soo foolishly too they allowed themselves to be filmed.Bibinii su ye nipa ooo???

matoskie007; One can’t do this and go scoot free

munachianawude; And person will come to buy this right?