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5 emotional wounds of childhood parents may fail to recognize



child wound

Children are extremely vulnerable. They don’t understand a lot of grown up things, but when it comes to feeling emotions like sadness, anger, pain and fear, they do so immensely.

During childhood, one of the closest bonds kids share is with their parents. As they grow up, more people come into the picture but their moms and dads are the primary caregivers who really matter to them.

Parents go over and beyond to provide their kids with all the love and luxury, but often they may say or do things that may leave a child emotionally wounded.

That said, while being a child makes one susceptible to physical injuries, emotional wounds are often something that go amiss and parents fail to recognize them in time.

Hence, it is important that we know all about the kinds of emotional wounds children can face and must identify them in time, so it does not get passed on to their adulthood.