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Funny Things Couples Do When They’ve Been Together For A Long Time



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The longer you’re in a relationship, the more likely you and your partner are to pick up some strange and often hilarious quirks. Here are some funny things couples do when they’ve been together for a long time that you have to look forward to.

Wearing socks in bed

Gone are the days when you stopped being precious about your feet. Everyone — well, most people — are a little suspicious of feet or are convinced that theirs are the worst, ugliest things to grace the world. Thankfully, you eventually come to the realization that you need them to walk on and that the person you’re with just simply isn’t judging them. Not for a second. This means that your foot-sock habits change. You can either take them off if you were using them as a protective shield in bed, or you can wear them and no longer have to pretend you aren’t cold because your partner refuses to turn the heating on. Either way, it signals that you’re comfortable with each other and aren’t scared about the other leaving because of a superficial perceived flaw. It demonstrates trust.

Peeing together
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I know this seems like an obvious one (or one that people talk about a lot anyway), but its value cannot be overstated. Seriously. Think about drifting towards that level of intimacy as you brush your teeth while they finish their shower, one of you pees, and the other gets coffee set up for the next day. Not necessarily in that order, but you get what I’m saying. The evidence that you’re working around each other in sync and you know what you need to do to serve the other person. Also, post-sex peeing together = intimacy gold standard. Trust me.

Sitting in separate rooms for alone time but still texting each other
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This is one of those funny things couples do that shows true healthy intimacy and boundaries in a relationship. When one person is feeling burnt out or frustrated at work, and the other person is cramping and tired too, sometimes the answer isn’t flowers and a fancy meal together. Sometimes it is, but the real importance is knowing when you both need space. Things aren’t magically solved by being together, and that’s a mature thing to realize. Furthermore, by actually giving each other space to reflect and refresh, you can take the sting out of arguments that would otherwise come up out of unexpressed frustration and proximity. However, you both inevitably end up texting each other from separate rooms anyway.

Laughing at each other’s flaws
Gone are the days where you need to pretend that your partner doesn’t have smelly feet, or get spots on their bum, or that they have really bad farts. You can laugh with it all and chase each other around the house trying to pop that last blackhead. You don’t have to pretend to be perfect, or an idealized version of perfect. By letting other people see the parts of you that you’re insecure about, you can give them more reasons to love you, and you get more comfortable in yourself anyway. You can also criticize each other more often and satisfy your needs rather than tolerate something you aren’t comfortable with because you know and trust them to take it well.

Speaking in your own language
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If anyone else were to listen in to the conversations you have with your partner, they’d have no idea what you were talking about. This is because you’ve developed your own language, with made-up words and codes for various things that only the two of you understand. It’s actually pretty sweet, even if it is annoying to everyone that’s not in your relationship

Trying to annoy each other just for laughs
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You used to worry about doing or saying the wrong thing that would annoy your partner and make them stop liking you. These days, you know you have nothing to fear in that department. You’re comfortable in your relationship, so you often purposely try to annoy them because it’s hilarious. They might not think so at first, but they inevitably start to crack up in the end every time.

Having weird names and personalities for your pets
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If you don’t have pets, you can insert inanimate objects in your home in their place because you probably do that too. Not only do your pets have about 900 different names, all of which are totally nonsensical and ridiculous, but you have whole storylines about their personalities, past lives, and what they’re thinking that you often mimic and describe to each other in great detail. It’s one of those funny things all couples do. Don’t deny it!

Wearing each other’s clothes
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Sometimes you’ll throw on their hoodie and you’ve occasionally caught them stealing your socks from your drawer. It’s pretty much expected at this point. Even if you’re totally different genders, you’ve taken to stealing each other’s clothes and accessories and wearing them when needed. Just make sure you put them back in good condition!

Grooming each other
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If they have a pimple, you’re the first one to pop it. If they see you have hairs coming out of your nose, they’ll volunteer to pluck them. All those gross little grooming habits we usually take care of ourselves are fair game for our partners when we’ve been together for a long time. It’s like monkeys in the forest. You just can’t help but pick.

Farting and burping around each other without apologizing
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You used to be absolutely mortified if you let one rip in front of your partner, but not these days. In fact, sometimes you both go out of your way to put out the loudest, rudest burps and farts ever just for laughs. It’s disgusting and immature but it’s also hilarious.

So there you have it, a few things to look out for and anticipate when you find yourself in a long-term-committed relationship and you have the perfect blackhead brewing…

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