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Lady says she’s looking for job after being caught by boss doing TikTok challenge at work [Video]



lady dance boss caught tiktok

A Nigerian lady has shared a video showing the moment she was caught by her employer participating in a TikTok Dance challenge during working hours.

The young woman positioned her phone by a stairwell and was just beginning to record herself dancing when her boss came down the stairs and spotted her.


He was walking slowly and watched her for some moments before she turned back and saw him. The employee burst into laughter as her boss stood in a spot without uttering a word.

She then jokingly asked social media users to to connect her to any new job opportunities that may be available in their office.

Watch the video HERE

rhysrhinelander; You sure say the boss the didn’t promote her, because it seems he like what he saw.

ai_wa_; There is no way she didn’t see him from her camera nau.

kevinblak_comedy; There will be a toast after seeing her moves

iamjoyyy___; Boss actually seemed cool from the smile

kingraog1; So the camera no Dey show person way Dey back.