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“I’m tired of sleeping with my dogs”, lady cries out




A Nigerian woman identified as Tamar, has cried out over her sexual escapades with her dog.
The lady, who claimed to be in her 40s and a divorcee, said she started having s3x with dogs when she was 30.

According to the woman in a viral WhatsApp message, which leaked online, she has been having unprotected sex with the domestic animal since 2012, which cost her her mariage.

Tamar said she had lost count of how many dogs she slept with within the last 10 years.

The WhatsApp message which leaked online reads:

Screen Shot 2022 05 10 at 5.17.33 PM

Babe, I am in serious trouble o. I have never told anybody this. Each time I read story of people having sex with dogs online, I feel bad because I am a culprit.

I have been having unprotected s*x with my dogs since I was 30. I would be 40 by July and it is this bad that I no longer have feelings for any man.

The funny thing is that I get turned on whenever I see any fresh dogs, especially these German breeds.

This actually cost me my marriage. I am tired actually and I think I need to stop this.

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