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Meet Old Couple Who Have Been In Love For A 100 Years, Exchange Flowers In A Video [Watch]




Two lovebirds, Demian and Anastasia who are both centurions have been sighted in an interesting video still showing love and care for each other.

While Demian is 106-years-old, his wife, Anastasia is 102, and they have loved each other for a hundred years. Demian and Anastasia still share love.

The lovers met as kids From the story shared in a Youtube video by Afrimax English, it is said that Demian and Anastasia were forced to marry different persons by their parents after meeting as kids back in the day.

This forced marriage was very much against their wish hence they later found a way to reconnect.

Since their reunion they have lived together, refusing to leave each other even as they still share flowers.

The interesting video of the century-old love has got many people emotional and it has been viewed many times. Watch the video below:


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