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Steam Deck now has per-game performance profiles



Valve Steam Deck

A new Steam Deck update means that players can set up per-game performance profiles.

The new feature ties into an issue that arose from the last update. That update meant that players could change the frame rate limit of games, TDP limit, as well as the refresh rate of the device. It was useful but could only be conducted on a system-wide level which soon turned irritating for certain titles.

Now, the latest update means that players can adjust performance on a game-by-game basis. The Steam Deck will remember how settings have been configured for each game, saving players the need to do so every time they load it. It’s also possible to reset everything back to its default state if needed.

It’s a small yet important update. For some users, it won’t be exciting but for others, it will save them a significant amount of time when trying to optimise a game’s performance.

Steam Deck. Credit: Valve

The update also improves a few other things. When connected to an external display, the Steam Deck interface now automatically scales to a virtual 1280 x 800 resolution. The change makes it easier to use. Also, performance has been improved when switching from offline to online modes. Additionally, there is improved availability of home screen sections when doing the same.

Other tweaks include bug fixes, keyboard corrections for certain languages, and a new Stop Streaming option to the power menu when hosting a Remote Play session.

Since its launch, the Steam Deck has been frequently updated. Last month, Valve fixed a technical issue that stopped games from being installed on it. Also, a growing number of games are now “verified” and “playable”.

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