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Woman Begs Ex-Hubby To Take Her Back On Public TV After She Dumped Him For Her Cousin 




A Ghanaian woman made a public apology on television, begging her ex husband to forgive her and take her back after she slept with her cousin for money.

The lady who is only identified as Catherine is reported to have slept with her cousin who gave her money in return, according o her she did it because her husband as not giving her enough money.

The mother of four, said her actions were driven when her wants surpassed her needs, according to her she was selling vegetables when she saw that the money her husband was giving her was not enough.

She later on resorted to start selling her body at night clubs with an aim of making a lot of money despite the husband trying so hard to reason with her, the lady turned out to be stubborn and rude towards him and went a sfar as denying him his conjugal rights.

Se then started bringing in her cousin to help her quench her s3xual desires right in their matrimonial home a development which forced the husband to move out and remarry.

Responding on whether he will forgive her, the man Robert has said there is no way he can go back adding that he is happily married.

Catherine however has said that she will not stop begging her ex husband for forgiveness and to take her back.

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