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Foulest Smelling Foods To Eat At The Office



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There are certain foods you may not find comfortable eating in certain places. You just find yourself thinking twice about it. Your place of work is one of those places. I worked at a place where certain local Nigerian dishes weren’t allowed to be eaten because they weren’t ‘formal.’ I thought to myself, “what is formal food then? Salads? Chinese Cuisine? Pizza?” Up until now, I still don’t understand what they meant by “formal food.” Well, you can be excused if you aren’t eating any of these foods at your desk.

 If you’re one of those people who eat at their work desks in the presence of other people, especially in an open desk, you might want to consider whether what you’re eating is offensive to others or not. Some foods are outrightly messy and very smelly to eat, we know this. Keep reading for more insight:

Fish pepper soup

This is one meal that most Nigerians love. The taste of the protein, the spiciness of the soup, yummy!  But we know it smells. Sometimes, even after washing your hands with soup, it seems like the smell never really goes away. Now imagine when you’re eating it in the presence of other people who may or may not like meals with fish.

Ewedu and Amala 

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To some people, this meal is worth craving for, to others, it is just a no go area for them. You can be extra careful while eating this meal and still get your shirt stained and then you’d have a stain to worry about. 

Fufu and Eguisi soup

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First of all, fufu has its own typical smell unless you’re eating freshly made fufu. It is never really advisable to eat fufu while present in your office because every person that walks into the office space won’t deny that they perceived the smell of the meal. Eguisi soup with all the obstacles in it has its perks but do you really wanna tempt people in your office?


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In rare cases will you find a person eating this in the office but would you really like to try this at your desk? I believe they are healthily prepared and taste better when they are wrapped in leaves. Unwrapping these leaves on your desk is likely to stain something on your desk since it’s moist. This meal is paired with soups and these soups have their own pungent smell too. 


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Sometimes I wonder why someone will randomly chew garlic in public places. Garlic doesn’t really have a pleasant smell and if you’re going to be chewing it for health reasons, your office shouldn’t be part of the places you’d like to eat it.


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Seafood soups are nice and highly nutritious. You could also stand the chance of having an allergic reaction if you aren’t sure of all the seafood content. Aside from that, this is another meal with a pungent smell and many people may not subscribe to eating this at the office.


Are there any other meals you can’t eat at the office? Join the discussion!