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How My Family Friend Was Killed By Mob Action In Sokoto – Nigerian Man



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Following the gruesome killing of Deborah Yakubu, a female student in Sokoto, a Twitter user identified as Barade has recounted how his family friend was killed in front of his children by a mob after someone raised a false alarm that he was trying to steal his own child.

Barade revealed his family friend went to pray in the mosque with his two children. While at the mosque, one of the children began to cry because he wanted his father to buy him sweets. He said suddenly someone shouted he was about to steal the children and he was immediately mobbed and killed.

He wrote: “About 30-years ago a family friend went for Jumu’ah prayers with his two little children. Unfortunately, it was a period when there were many cases of missing children, and it happened that after prayers the little one was crying because he wanted his father to buy some sweets for him.

“All of a sudden someone shouted that he was trying to steal a child, his own child. The crowd that turned into a mob, pounced on him and killed him in front of his two children. We were able to trace 14 suspects. All of them only heard the shout ‘Barawo yara’ and joined.”

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