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‘If he is posting you on social media, he doesn’t love you’ Prophet Seer1



Seer 1

The outspoken man of God Prophet Andrew Ejima also known as Seer1 has a word for ladies in romantic relationships.

Delivering the message on his Facebook page, Prophet Seer1 told the ladies that once their man starts posting them on social media it’s a clear indication that he no longer loves them.

According to him a diamond is hidden not exposed.

“A man that genuinely love you will not post you on social media. A diamond is hidden not exposed,” said Seer1.

He added that once a man starts posting his girlfriend on social media, he is cheating.

“He’s cheating on you, that’s why he’s busy posting you and 90 of those that will like your pictures are those that he has eaten already,” he said.

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