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Popular Pastor Humiliated After He Was Caught Red-Handed B0nking His Friend’s Wife In Their House (Watch Video)



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After a church service in Kenya, a pastor was found sleeping with his friend’s wife. The two were compelled to pose for a photoshoot.

The most painful thing is betrayed trust, especially when it comes from a close friend. The devil is always blamed for putting the wrong spanner in God’s workshop.

Unlucky for a preacher, he slept with his friend’s wife. The woman’s husband caught him in the act.

The man suspected his pastor of having a hidden affair with his wife, according to the report.

He worked hard to locate and apprehend them, hammering their wants with various bed positions. The pastor was so ashamed after their photo shoot that he didn’t know what to do.

The two have been turned over to security personnel for further investigation.

Watch the following video:

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