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Nigerian lady frames snapshots of Davido reposting her on Instagram (Video)



lady frames davido post

A loyal fan of Nigerian music star, has been left feeling elated by the recognition she got from her favourite artiste.

Davido reposted some posts from her TikTok page on his Instagram page and she decided to get the images framed.

1652512809 909 davido 5

The lady put the snapshots of Davido reposting her in one frame so that she can display it in her house.

”Had to frame this”, she captioned a video.

Watch video HERE

Read some comments..

theblack_studio ;Na 001 we dey talk about o

perry_x0x; Aye iya yin kon baje sii lojo jumo

cyndyazubugwu; Na me dey middle

dogr8; NFT of life

dj_osax; Just look at Jessica on my birthday you no fit frame me na Davido story repost you framed chai.