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Man Takes Picture Of His Wife B0nking Another Man, Puts The Picture In Frame And Hung It On Their Living Room; Tells Her If She Takes It Down It Will Be The End Of Their Marriage





Unidentified man who caught his wife cheating with another man in their matrimonial bed left tongues waging following a punishment he did to her.

In most cases when a man catches his wife having s3x with another man, they either beat her up or divorce or deal with the other man.

But this man acted way in a different when he caught his woman in bed with another man. Instead of dealing with both of them, he only took a picture of the two having s3x.

After taking the picture, the man went ahead in putting the picture in a frame and hung the picture in their living room with stiff instructions.


He told his cheating wife that no matter what happens she should never take down the picture let alone destroy it.

According to the man if the woman dares to do any of it, it will be the end of their marriage.

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