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Jack Harlow Responds To Brandy Clapping Back By Posting Her Vocals From Classic Kanye West Track



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Days later and the back-and-forth surrounding Jack Harlow, Brandy and Ray J continues to heat up and in the latest round, Jack Harlow decided to respond to Brandy clapping back by posting one of her classic features. Taking to his Instagram stories, Jack Harlow posted a throwback photo of Brandy and Ray J accompanied by the 2005 Kanye West track ‘Bring Me Down,’ which features Brandy on the hook.

Things are heating up regarding the backlash directed at Jack Harlow after he recently revealed during an interview with Hot 97 that he had no idea that Brandy and Ray J were siblings, while also not recognizing her voice when the radio hosts played it for him. Unsuprisingly, social media lit him up at the audacity of him to make Black music and not know about one of the most iconic figures of the culture.

After Brandy finally responded to the issue via Twitter earlier today, Jack Harlow took things back to 2005. He posted a photo of Brandy and Ray J during their ‘Moesha’ days and added Brandy’s featured vocals on Kanye West’s song ‘Bring Me Down’ from his Grammy-winning second album ‘Late Registration. In the hook, Brandy sings “I always knew that one day, they’d try to bring me down.”

As we previously reported, Brandy reposted the clip of Jack Harlow on Hot 97 and posted a spicy comment making it clear that she is not the one to play with.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing [his] a** to sleep,” she tweeted, followed by “see, I can have a little fun too, hehe…all love.”


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