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White student filmed urinating on black student’s belongings in South Africa (Watch Video)





South Africa’s struggle with racism is once again in the spotlight after a white first-year student was caught urinating on the property of a black student at Stellenbosch University.

According to local South Africa media reports, the black student was sleeping and awoke when he heard that someone was in his room.

In the video capturing the incident, the student is heard asking the white student why he is urinating on his belongings.

BBC News reports that the white student has since been suspended from the institution as investigations into the incident continue.

“The university has said the incident will be investigated and further action including expulsion and criminal charges may be taken, depending on the outcome of the investigation,” BBC reports.

In a statement, Stellenbosch University spokesperson Martin Viljoen said that the university “strongly condemns the destructive, hurtful and racist incident”.

The victim is still in shock and trying to process what happened, the university has said.

Watch the video below :

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