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11 Other Ways To Say I Love You When It Sounds Too Cliché



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Saying “I love you” to your partner for the first time is a milestone in a relationship. But over time, even those three magic words can start to sound ordinary to the point of meaninglessness. If you’re in this predicament, here are eleven other ways to say “I love you” when it sounds cliché.

You are my favorite person.

Sometimes simplicity is more powerful than even the most romantic Shakespearean sonnet. Telling someone that they are your favorite person is a simple statement of fact that will pull at their heartstrings and convey just how much they mean to you. You can love more than one person, but you can’t have more than one favorite.

There’s no one I’d rather be sharing this moment with.
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Shared experiences are the bedrock of a solid relationship. The joys and challenges of seeing the world together and going on adventures create an unshakable bond of memories and acquired knowledge. Expressing how glad you are to be sharing those moments with the person you love will leave them with no doubt as to your feelings.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be with you.
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Once you’ve been with someone for a while, it’s inevitable to start taking them for granted. You lose objectivity about why you fell for them in the first place, and even though you mean it when you say “I love you,” the feeling has become routine. Reminding yourself of how lucky you are to be with them and it communicating that feeling with your partner will bring the quality of your relationship back into focus.

Thank you.
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Appreciation is one of the most important things we can express in our relationships. In fact, researchers found that saying “thank you” could even save your marriage. According to data from the University of Georgia, feeling appreciated by your spouse influences how much you value your relationship and your commitment to it.

I can’t take my eyes off you.
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Genuine flattery will make your partner feel wanted in a whole other way. Everyone wants to be loved, but when you’ve been with someone for a while, your love may feel so cozy and comfortable that you forget the rush of adrenaline and lust you felt for each other in the beginning. Telling your partner that their appearance still makes you weak will remind them of the underlying desire you still have.

I love seeing you this happy.
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One of the things you learn when you fall in love (or have children) is that you can feel happy just by witnessing someone else’s happiness. It is one of the purest and most selfless forms of love. If you can celebrate your partner’s successes and joys even when it has nothing to do with you, you are truly in love.

Your smile makes my day.
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When seeing your partner’s face has the power to erase all the drudgery and frustration of your day, you know you have something special. Letting them know that their warmth and comfort can ease your mind is another way of communicating that you are in love with them.

You bring so much joy to my life.
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There are reasons why going the full Jerry Maguire, “You complete me” route is problematic. However romantic the movie makes that statement sound, it promotes the idea that a person isn’t whole until they’ve found someone to love. It makes love seem like a necessity, not a bonus. Instead, tell your partner that they contribute to your life. You feel lucky to be with them because they add immeasurable value, not because they make you whole.

I’ll do it.
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Sometimes the most romantic gestures are mundane. Picking up the slack when your partner is tired and run down is one of the best ways to show your love. Taking out the trash, making breakfast, and cleaning up after the kids have made a mess are acts of service that will fill your partner with gratitude and comfort. Being in love means that you take care of each other when one of you is struggling. “I’ll do it” is a deceptively simple expression of love and support.

Tell me more.
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Being a good listener is another crucial part of being in a relationship. Sometimes, your partner will need to get something off their chest and the comfort of having you as a non-judgmental sounding board will outweigh the inconvenience it causes you. You don’t have to say anything or solve their problems. All you have to do is listen.

I’m sorry.
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Saying “I’m sorry” can be just as game-changing as saying “Thank you.” Accepting responsibility for your actions is hard, even humiliating at times, but it can turn escalating animosity into an opportunity for growth. Being able to admit when you were wrong and meaning it when you say you’re sorry will strengthen your relationship and show your partner that your love for them and your commitment to the relationship outstrips your pride.

Hold their hand.
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Holding hands with your partner has physical and mental benefits. Studies show that it produces oxytocin, the chemical in your brain that creates feelings of contentment, connection, and trust. Oxytocin has also been shown to reduce physical and psychological pain. On a simpler level, holding hands is a display of intimacy. By holding your partner’s hand in public, your love and commitment are visible for the whole world to see.

Initiate time together.
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Nothing says “I love you” like making time for your partner. But don’t just make time, make plans. Inviting them on dates, arranging adventures, and planning trips are all ways of showing your partner how much you love them without saying a word.

Show up, even when it’s hard.
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It’s all well and good to be there for your partner when it’s fun and easy, but showing up when things are difficult is where it gets more complicated. Listening to your partner, being the shoulder they can cry on, and asking for help when you’re the one who needs support are all ways that you can show and strengthen your bond that go far deeper than a simple, “I love you.”

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