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Zambians Lambast Nigerian Prophet Seer1 For Asking Their President To Be A Dictator



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Zambians on social media have come after controversial Nigerian Man of God Andrew Ejimadu alias Seer1 who also calls himself as the Don of Power for calling out President Hakainde Hichilema to be a dictator if he is to succeed in making Zambia the better country.

Yesterday, Seer1 called on Hichilema to take off his gloves and unleash a little bit of dictatorship, according to him youths would understand him because they are the ones gasping for a better Zambia.

According to Seer1, Hichilema’s vision to make Zambia prosper is being shadowed by his predecessor Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s loyalist who are still in control of public offices such as the judiciary.

“You cannot expect someone employed or appointed by Lungu to be loyal to you. It’s a lie,” he told Hichilema, adding that “Just like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, it’s time for you to throw away your gloves and unleash a little bit of dictatorship, believe me, the youths will understand.”

This did not settle well with Zambians who plainly told him that affairs of the Zambian government are not his to worry and that they do not need a dictator to make Zambia a great country.

Below are some of the comments from Zambians.

Lazarous Siwakwi; “Then it will not be a rule of law, and just accept that everything happening now is not fighting corruption but fighting your enemies and everything we see now is coming from state house plus all ACC try and error is the president try and error, if you want you can say it’s not true but all the indicators are now pointing to this.”

õhñ Mķ Mkandawirę; “It will not be too late before Zambia is colonized by Prophets of Nigeria.”

Gracy Kays Kakoka; “Zambians repeat after me….we are foolish and stupid coz we are agreeing with him!”

John Sikaonga; “We don’t need a dictator in this country what is the problem with this seer 1 has God forgotten us he kills people who fail to follow his demonic ideas and he wants our president to be a dictator shame God help us.”

Winston Banda; “Don’t bring anachronistic in Zambia we are different country not Nigeria where humans are killed like dogs every day.”

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