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Professor Green “lost more than £600,000” following doorstep attack



Professor Green


Professor Green has said he “lost more than £600,000” in endorsements after he was attacked at his home in 2013.

The rapper (real name is Stephen Manderson) called police in the early hours of November 3 that year after his £40,000 Rolex was snatched off his arm on the doorstep of his London home.

However, once officers arrived at the property, Green was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and taken into custody.

Speaking in a new interview, the rapper opened up about the incident after being asked when it was in his career that he became financially stable.

“I was about to walk into a really financially comfortable period when my then-wife and I were attacked on our doorstep and I ended up getting arrested,” he told The Telegraph. “I lost more than £600,000 immediately in endorsements.”

Professor Green. CREDIT: Press

Green was asked to confirm if he meant the money literally “vanished overnight”, to which he replied: “Yes. The money was going to pay for the renovation of my house.”

He added: “But I’ve got it now and it’s renovated and it’s gone up a tonne, so I’ve managed to finally get myself into a better financial position.”

The incident took place at around 2.40am on Sunday, November 3, when the rapper was still married to Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh, with whom he shared his South-East London home.

Upon arriving at Green’s home, police found the rapper’s car had been crashed into a van. According to MailOnline, Green said he had crashed his car after trying to find Mackintosh, who had fled the scene after his watch was snatched.


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