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Three boys who picked money at event say they plan to spend it in school and to support their family



boys pick money


A three young boys have melted the hearts of many after they explained what they intend to do with monies that came to be in their possession.

The Nigerian kids were interviewed by a man who saw them going home merrily after picking monies sprayed at an a party which led in the area. He asked them how much they were able to gather and what they plan to do.

boy pick money

The first boy said he got N2,500, adding that he wanted to use the money to buy books, biro and other school materials.

The second kid said he picked N2,700 and stated that he was heading home to give it to his mum to buy food for the family.

While the third boy was yet to count his own money, however, he also said that he would hand the entire cash to his mum.

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