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Beau Dee


Deandra is a tough lady with never surrendering demeanor. She has stood firm in Snowflake as a candidate to win the show utilizing her psyche and expertise all through the excursion.

She is one of the most excited contenders in the new Netflix unscripted TV drama Snowflake Mountain. She has shown up to astound the auidence with her perseverance in the difficulty excursion of Snowflake Mountain. Further, she has considered finishing each test from the forthcoming unscripted TV drama.

She is a self-decided lady with never surrenders mentality. She has joined different youths to finish the excursion in the wild. Certain individuals have appreciated her special character as she is carefree and solid. What’s more, individuals are eager to see her presentation on the excursion of Snowflake Mountain.

As per the show, Beau Dee is thought of as excessively profound. In any case, she has shown up to conquer each deterrent and shortcoming of her life on the excursion. She has set herself up to remain on her two feet and become self-maintained.

Who Is Beau Dee AKA Deandra On Snowflake Mountain? Lover Dee otherwise known as Deandra has become one of the all around respected competitors on Netflix’s unscripted TV drama Snowflake Mountain. She has shown up to contend with the other nine vivacious challengers on the Snowflake Mountain, and she needs to pass every snag in the excursion.

Further, she will not get any extravagance access, including Wifi and running water during the excursion. She will demonstrate that she could endure every difficulty utilizing her basic instincts and information. Audiences have enjoyed her one of a kind persona and never surrendering disposition. Then again, they are getting eager to see whether she wins the show and claims the triumphant reward from the highest point of the Mountain.

Investigated Snowflake Mountain Cast Deandra Age, Height, And Weight Deandra has arrived at the age of 25 at the ongoing date, where her careful date of birth is as yet missing from the web. She has a very decent level of 5 feet and 5 inches, checking out at her actual characteristic at the ongoing date.

Further, individuals are astounded at her strength in partaking in the difficult preliminary notwithstanding her weighty body weight. She could have a very decent weight at around 120 kg, checking out at her actual appearance at the ongoing date. In any case, her definite level and weight are yet to uncover on the web.

Deandra Wiki: She Is A Professional Make-Up Artist Deandra has been functioning as an expert Make-up craftsman in New Jersey at the ongoing date. She is a canine darling. Specifically, she has a fleecy five-year-old Bjorn Maltese blend, Melo. She has been living with her folks and two more youthful sisters at the ongoing date.

She has been attempting to carry on with a self-supported life as she has attempted to move out of her folks’ home multiple times. Be that as it may, she frequently faces the most terrible circumstances. It causes her to depend on her folks. In any case, she went out on a limb to remain in Snowflake Mountain.


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