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COLORS: Udaariyaan 19th June 2022 Full Written Episode Update, Tejo Is Back & Will Not Going To Marry Jasmine!



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readers, we are once again back with the written update of the popular daily soap “Udaariyaan” of 19th June 2022. The storyline of the serial is getting intense day by day and viewers are watching the high-voltage drama. So far in the show, we have watched Fateh informing her family about his decision that he will not be going to get married to Jasmine. Gurpreet got furious as she does not want to lose her heir and she confronts Fateh and scolded him about his decision and asks him to look at the condition of Tejo. She says to him that this is not that Tejo whom he loves now Tejo is changed and she is not in the condition with whom he can love but Fateh says he loves all the versions of Tejo and he does not care about it. His mother furiously asked him if he knows what is he saying or if he will ready to become her parent of Tejo? Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Udaariyaan 19th June 2022

In this reply, he says yes and the Virk family got shocked after hearing his decision. Let’s see what next is going to happen in the upcoming episode of the show. The latest promo of the show begins with Fateh who is telling his family about his decision that he will take care of Tejo and now Tejo is back he will not going to marry Jasmine. On the other hand, Tejo gets out of control and picks a knife in her hand and tells everyone to stay away from her, and asks them to call Fateh. Everyone tries to control her but she is not in a state of mind.

Udaariyaan Today’s Full Episode Written Update

In another promo, we have watched that Tejo’s family is standing in the hall where Fateh, Tejo, and Jasmine are also present. Fateh is busy doing something meanwhile Jasmine took a knife in her hands and angrily goes toward Tejo and says I will not leave you and now I will close your chapter and she stabbed a knife in his stomach of Tejo. Everyone got stunned and looked shockingly at Tejo and Jasmine. They could not understand what has happened now and suddenly Fateh runs towards Tejo and shocking looked at her.

Tejo is covered with blood and he got angry with Jasmine but firstly he picks Tejo up and lays her down on the bed. The promo ends though it is yet to know whether it is real or it is just an imagination of Jasmine. To know the exact story the readers need to watch “Udaariyan” on the Colors channel and be connected with us for more latest updates.


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