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Corey Wieneke Murder and Dateline – Is Annette Cahill Still In Jail?



Annette Cahill


Annette Cahill is serving a 50-year term in prison. Examiners guarantee she killed Corey Wieneke in West Liberty in 1992 utilizing a polished ash.

Cahill, otherwise called Annette Hazen, was then 29 years of age and dwelled in the little Iowa town of West Liberty in 1992. She was the lead suspect in a virus case request of Corey Wieneke’s killing a few a quarter century after the fact.

In those days, Corey filled in as a barkeep in a bar possessed by his loved ones. Among the bar’s regulars, the young fellow was notable.

After he and his life partner, Jody Hotz, got ready for marriage, the 22-year-life old’s hoped to have a splendid future. They were living respectively at the hour of the event.

Dateline Addresses Corey Wieneke Murder At 22 years old, Corey Wieneke must be viewed as an amazing figure who endeavored to involve his big name in the little Iowa town of West Liberty for good.

He was “like a big brother to everybody nearby,” consolidating his relationship with life partner Jody Hotz and his occupation as a barkeep at his family’s Wink’s Bar and Grill.

That is the reason, on October 13, 1992, the previous secondary school football star was found dead in his own home, stunning his loving local area and the whole country.

Jody was the person who hurriedly dialed 911 subsequent to getting back from work on that game changing Tuesday, illuminating specialists that Cory “is all dying, and he isn’t breathing, and he is cold.”

The youngster was intended to be in the bar, however all things being equal, he was lying on the floor of the couple’s common room, dead from obtuse power injury.

It was in this manner found that he had been beat to death with an aluminum play club, a possible planned wrongdoing given that nothing was taken from his home.

Is Annette Cahill Corey Wieneke’s Murderer In Jail? Annette Cahill was placed being investigated without precedent for mid 2019, however the jury couldn’t arrive at a choice, and the case has controlled a malfeasance.

One more observer affirmed at Annette’s second preliminary soon thereafter that she saw Annette consume blood-stained pieces of clothing a little while after the homicide in 1992.

Annette killed Corey in a desirous craze subsequent to seeing him with another lady, as per the indictment. The arraignment guaranteed that there was no unmistakable proof connecting her to the wrongdoing.

The jury viewed Annette to be very muchliable of second-degree murder in the subsequent preliminary. She faces a most extreme sentence of 50 years in prison. Corey’s mom was satisfied with the outcome.

“I haven’t even understood it’s finished at this point,” she remarked. We’re excited, however it will require a couple of days for it to soak in, and I feel sorry for her family.” Annette has protected her guiltlessness all through her life.

Corey Wieneke’s Parents Corey Wieneke’s actual name is Corey Lee Wieneke was born in Muscatine, Iowa, on March 25, 1970, to James and Susan Winfield Wieneke.

Susan and Jim Wieneke have been hitched for north of 27 years. Corey, their lone youngster, was killed in the fall of 1992.

He moved on from West Liberty High School in 1988, when he was an individual from the football crew that arrived at the Class AA elimination rounds. He functioned as a barkeep at Wink’s Tap in West Liberty for quite a long time.

After Corey’s demise, in addition to the fact that jody was precluded as a suspect in the early hours of the request, yet the blood-stained deadly weapon was likewise found on a forlorn street about a mile from the wrongdoing site.

By telling when they saw or didn’t see the bat, witnesses assisted restricted down the time with outlining of the wrongdoing to between 9 a.m. also, 1 p.m. on that dull day.


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