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Flooding: Kwara farmers demand insurance scheme



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Farmers in Kwara have called on the government to provide insurance cover for their farms to cushion losses caused by natural and manmade disasters.

Speaking with journalists on Sunday of a need for training and retraining of farmers on flood prevention and control, they also asked the government to be proactive towards flood prevention as the rainy season peaks.

Gbenga Adefemi, a vegetable farmer, said, “vegetables need water constantly, but they do not need too much because of their roots. There is hardly any year that we do not experience flooding, and our plants are destroyed.

“If the government can do training and retraining every year for farmers, especially vegetable farmers, on how to prevent flooding and destruction of vegetables, it will go a long way in helping us avoid losses,” he said.

Feyisayo Abdullah, a poultry farmer, said, “We know the rain is a natural gift we humans pray for, but it saddens the heart when it destroys our works.

“Some years ago, flood waters swept away my poultry farm and killed hundreds of the chickens; it was a terrible loss.

“I will also task the government on an insurance scheme for farmers. I am not sure if it exists, but if it does, the government should make it accessible to us,” Mrs Abdullah said.

A pumpkin leaves (Ugwu) farmer, Elizabeth Ekemini, said, “Rainwater hardly affects my farm except when there is a storm or strong winds because I try as much as possible to prevent flooding.

“I urge all farmers to find what methods best fit their farm for flood prevention. Government should also teach us how we can prevent it because honestly, we are trying, but sometimes it just will not work.”



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