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RIP: What Was Sathish Vajra Death Reason? Kannada Actor Found Dead In His House, Age, Wife & Funeral Details!



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Vajra Sathish small-time actor from Kannada was found dead in his house, which is in Bengaluru. The body of Sathish was found on the morning of Saturday, and he was stabbed to death and the body was thrown in a pool. Later when the police inspected, two people from which one was the brother of his deceased wife were also suspected and arrested. The body of the actor was found by a neighbor who quickly informed the landlord and later the police were informed as well. Let us know in detail about the murder of Vajra Sathish, who was killed by his brother-in-law. Hemanth Kumar was the landlord of the house in which Sathish was living and the household was in Pattanegre, RR Nagar. As soon as the neighbor of the actor found the body, the landlord was informed, later the police came to the rescue and they found the actor dead and he was stabbed badly. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Sathish Vajra Cause Of Death

Later it was confirmed that the body was found by patrol police, who were called to the rescue by the neighbor and the landlord, and they discovered the body inside of the residence. Initially, a blood stain was found on the doorknob and the landlord immediately contacted the patrol police. After the arrival of the patrol police, they used spare keys to open up the door and they found Sathish dead. According to sources when the patrol police entered their house of Sathish, they found him dead in a pool of blood and his neck was slit. To worsen his abdomen was gashed. All of these were discovered in his bedroom. Sathish worked in a bunch of films including, Lagori, and mostly he worked in Kannada films on side roles.

Sathish Vajra: Wikipedia & Biography

He had a wife and a child as well. His wife passed away seven months ago and the child was given to his wife’s parents, and Sathish was living in that house since 2020 and had a salon as well. As to the police, Sathish’s brother-in-law was angry with him, and he was confident that his wife, i.e; his wife died due to the torture of Sathish. They killed him out of a quarrel between the family of his wife and Sathish. Sathish used to visit his child at his in-law’s house, and he wanted to take the custody of the child, that is the main reason why the quarrel started. Sudarshan is the younger brother of Sathish’s wife and Sudarshan along with his friend named Nagendra entered Sathish’s house and they wanted to teach him a lesson.

Sathish Vajra: Age, Movies & Net worth

While leaving the locked the door of the house and fled. The blood on the knob might have come there because they locked the door. Sathish was only 35 years old at the time of his death, and his brother-in-law killed him because he suspected that Sathish was the reason behind the death of his sister. Sathish also has a YouTube channel and he also worked in Television serials as well. It is been said that Sathish’s wife died under mysterious circumstances which might be the reason why his brother-in-law suspected Sathish.


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