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WATCH: MTV Roadies 19th June 2022 Full Episode Written Update, Elimination & Nominations, Task Update!



Mtv Roadies 19th June 2022


As soon as Sunday comes, people get excited about reality shows. Out of these, the Youth are particularly excited to watch the youth-oriented show “Roadies 18” and we are present with the written update of the show on 19th June 2022. The show is highly liked by the audience and they are excited to watch each and upcoming episode of this reality show. This time the host and concept of the show are different from its other seasons. This time the season is highly appreciated by the fans and they loved the concept of the show. Sonu Sood is doing well as a host and people are enjoying his hosting. The promo is released which starts with the contestants of roadies analyzing their new campsite and whether they liked it or enjoyed it with their friends. The other participants pull the legs of Simmi Talsania and Siddharth Manoj for going spending time going out together. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

MTV Roadies 19th June 2022

In the meantime, Sounds Moufakir and Baseer Ali also need to solve or clear their misunderstanding. After that, the roadies get their new rodium task in the task the roadies need to play a basketball match and the task is all about the bond of the buddy pairs along with their partners. In this task, Nandini G. Ashish Bhatia, Kevin Almasifar- Moose Jattana, and Soun and Baseer won the task and got 200 roadiums per buddy pair whereas the rest buddy partners do not get anything. Later on, the contestants welcome their host Sonu Sood and all went towards the new location of their task.

MTV Roadies Today’s Full Episode Written Update

The new location is a trampoline park where the roadies need to perform the new task. The new task that roadies need to perform is the “Ball Baby Ball Task”. The host Sonu Sood explains the task to the roadies that the buddy pairs will be split into 2 teams with the unselected one being will automatically come into the danger zone. Team A consists of Gaurav Alugh- Simi, Kevin-Moose, and Baseer-Soun whereas Team B consists of Sohil Jhuti-Sid, Ashish-Nandu, and Jashwanth Bopanna- Arushi Dutta and Yukti Arora-Arshi Wahi come in a danger zone. Sonu explains the instructions and rules to them and discloses that they all will be now playing the dodge ball and they need to play the ball game during jumping on the trampoline.

MTV Roadies Task Update!

In the 1st round, Team B directs the game by attaining 11 points whereas their opponent Team A somehow manages to get only 5 points. In the 2nd round, Team B again directs the match and once again scores 11 points whereas Team A manages to get only 7 points. The results are clear, the host disclose to them that the total of all rounds for team A is 25 and team B got 42 which means Team B becomes the winner of this task. That’s all for today we will be soon back with a new update till then watch this episode of “Roadies 18” on MTV.


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