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84-year-old man jailed for defiling 6-year-old girl in Zambia





WHAT is in old age? Some would say wisdom.

Perhaps, but certainly not for this 84-year old man of Chipangali District, who now has to adjust to spending the next 20 years in a correctional facility for sexually abusing a six-year-old girl.

Chipata High Court resident judge Mercy Makubalo could not understand how a man of Langson Phiri’s age could sink so low as to even think of undressing in front of a girl who is 12 times younger than him.

“It is actually a taboo for one to undress before a child,” she said.

“It is beyond wickedness to defile a child of the said age.

The convict’s act is beyond the morals of human beings, even animal’s don’t do that.”


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