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DETAILS: Is Vivian Jenna Wilson Transgender? Elon Musk’s Daughter Before and After Surgery Pics Viral All Over!



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Elon Musk the billionaire, the richest man in the world is always in the news either maybe because of Twitter, or his experiments. The billionaire is always making headlines for his new and creative things. As of now, Elon makes billions and is settled with his family. Until now, he hasn’t revealed much bout his family but recently a piece of news is coming up that one of his kids wanted to change his gender and is also changing his name as well. It is been said that Elon’s child doesn’t want to be under the name of Elon and wants to have his own name. Let us know in detail about what happened and why is the detail hyped up. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Vivian Jenna Wilson?

According to many sources, Elon’s daughter has filed a complaint that she wanted to change his name and gender as well. According to the sources, Elon’s child also demanded a new birth certificate and also a new name as well. It is been said that she wanted to change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, and it is according to her new gender. So far it is out that the daughter is 18 years old now and she has demanded and applied for a new birth certificate and a new name as well. The news came as a shock to many as Elon doesn’t really reveal much from his family. Despite being a billionaire he is still a private person but he made several headlines for his relationship choices.

Vivian Jenna Wilson Before and After Surgery Pics

Apart from being a billionaire, he is a father as well. There are many pictures of him around the internet that get circulated, also the billionaire is famous for the statements he makes as well. Not much is revealed in the public about his life or about his relationships with his kids as well. He hasn’t revealed anything specific, as a result, the gender change and name change concept hit harder to many people. According to many people and a tweet that was released in the early hours of June 21st the 18 years old, Xavier Alexander Musk has filed a legal request to change her gender. She recently turned 18 and since she is legal and an adult she wanted to change her gender.

Is Vivian Jenna Wilson Transgender?

According to the reports and the online court document part of the gender change, she also is dropping her father’s name and no longer wanted his name as well. Xavier wanted to change her name and the new name of Xavier will be Vivian Jenna Wilson. It was out that Xavier will be dropping her father’s name in honor and favor of her mother Justine’s maiden. According to the online document Xavier wants to change her name, identity, and gender and no longer wants to have her father’s name. The documents snaps were shared online and soon the information circulated all over the internet. Let us know about the tweet that was released on this topic.

Vivian Jenna Wilson: Wikipedia, Biography & Age

A tweet was released on the 21st of June 2022, according to which the 18 years old child of Elon Musk filed a petition in the court to change their name from Xavier and to rename herself, Vivian Jenna Wilson. After that, it was also written that she no longer wanted to keep any connection or wanted to be related to her biological father in any way. It was clearly stated that he no longer wanted to be connected to her father in any shape, form, or in anyways. The news was widespread and it is a shock that the billionaire’s daughter doesn’t want to be connected with him.


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