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DETAILS: Who Are Evan Russell & Mitchell Fitchen? Yukon RMCP Asks For Assistance In Finding Two Men From Faro Missing!



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Two men from Canada, namely Evan Russell and Mitchell Fitchen who were 28 years old each went missing all of sudden and the families haven’t heard from the two for a while now. After not getting any updates from the boys, the families were worried for them eventually they were declared missing. The men decided to live in the Yukon Backcountry and they decided to live there over the winters, but they haven’t been responsive to their families. The RCMP reportedly is taking the public’s help and is circulating news about the missing of the two young men from the area. Let us know in detail about the missing person’s whereabouts and how they went missing. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Are Evan Russell & Mitchell Fitchen?

According to the RCMP, the information about the two missing persons was circulated and it is been said that the two Evan and Mitchell were 28 years old and they left the faro in the October of 2021. According to the information released the two young men headed to the Yukon Wilderness and the news of the missing persons was released this Wednesday on the 22nd of June 2022. The two men who went missing decided eventually to go and live in the backcountry for the whole winter months and they were not responding to their families despite their back-to-back calling. Pictures of the boat were released through which they have left the Pelly River.

Evan Russell & Mitchell Fitchen Missing Details

Yukon RCMP believed that the two men used the boat to cross the Pelly River and the boat was discovered but there was no trace of the men. The exact location on which they were destined to reach was not known and the families as well were not informed about the location. When Evan and Mitchell left their houses they were having some supplies including a Wall tent, gear, etc. They decided to live the whole winter in the backcountry. Since the day they left, there was no information about the two as they were not responding to the family’s calls. The two were reported missing on the 14th of June 2022 and after searching for the two for over a week, still there is no information about the two.

Evan Russell & Mitchell Fitchen Family

The RMCP released the information about the missing persons and they described the getup of the two persons and how they look physically. The RMCP also released the pictures of the two men. After releasing the information, the RMCP asked the civilians to contact them if they found any information regarding the two missing people or their whereabouts. Anyone who are having any information or leads about the men is asked to contact the police or the RMCP, and the RMCP also said that it will be a great help if they get some assistance from the civilians, apart from that the department officers are continuously searching for the two.

The getups and the appearances of the two were described as follows, Evan Russell is a Caucasian man who had brown hair and brown eyes as well. His height of Evan was described as around 183cm, (6’0 ft), and his weight of Evans was nearly 68kgs(150 lbs). It was also said that the man was having a beard and that too a full beard when he left for his stay. On the other hand, the appearance of Mitchell Fitchen was described as a Caucasian man who was having brown hair and green eyes. As of October when they left, Mitchell was clean shaved and his height was described as 178cm (5’10 ft). Mitchell weighed around 83 kgs (182lbs). If any information regarding the two is obtained it is advised to contact the police.


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