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Inside Olivia Rodrigo And Zack Bia Relationship



Olivia Rodrigo


Olivia Rodrigo’s affection life was as of late in the news when she was accepted to date TikTok artist Vinnie Hacker. Everything started when paparazzi pictures of the two seeming agreeable and individual became a web sensation on the web. Programmer was spotted embracing and kissing the pop artist on the cheeks, persuading numerous to think something was happening between the two.

They were even excited about the chance of the couple dating, however on June 17, 2022, Hacker tended to the reports. He prodded watchers on TikTok by transferring a video wherein he was by all accounts talking to a female.

Numerous others beseeched him to reveal the young lady’s distinguish in the video’s remarks segment, with some doubting whether he was alluding to Rodrigo. Programmer in this way accentuated that it was not the artist and that the video was not alluding to anyone specifically.

While certain admirers accepted him, others didn’t, with many actually accepting he and Rodrigo were together. They appear to be reevaluating their choice, as People revealed that Rodrigo is dating music maker Zack Bia.

Olivia Rodrigo and Zack Bia are dating The site uncovered the association between the 19-year-old pop sensation and the 26-year-old music business person. “They’ve been seeing another since the Super Bowl.” “They are very enamored with another,” a source told People.

Before Rodrigo was associated with Hacker, many hypothesized that she was engaging in extramarital relations with Bia after the two were seen together a few times.

The pair mixed hypotheses when they were seen together at the Super Bowl 2022 and a post-game party. Following the Super Bowl, the team was seen at vocalist Chappelle Roan’s birthday festivity.

Fans noticed Rodrigo was either wearing Bia’s jacket or twinning with Bia during this locating. The pair then observed Rodrigo’s birthday on February 22, 2022. Given the ongoing turns of events, it appears to be that the allies were right from the start.

Zack Bia Responds to Rumors about Madelyn Cline While Rodrigo was associated with Hacker, Bia was connected to Outer Banks entertainer Madelyn Cline. DeuxMoi got mysterious reports about the pair from their admirers, which filled hypotheses about them in December 2021.

One fan said they were kissing in the vehicle as the singular drove by, while one more guaranteed they were close and warm during the Lakers versus Phoenix Suns game.

Us Weekly later guaranteed that the couple had been hanging out a lot. Bia tended to his relationship status with Cline in January 2022, expressing they were not dating. The music tycoon was addressed on the BFFs web recording whether he was something other than buddies with the entertainer. “We don’t live respectively. “We generally hang out,” Bia said.

He proceeded to say that they will keep on getting to know one another since they adored each other’s organization. Cline is supposed to be seeing Jackson Guthy after her separation from Outer Banks co-star Chase Stokes.

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