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Secondary School Students Caught On Camera B0nking In School Bus During A Trip (Watch Video)





The clip has raised speculations that they were chewing each other non-stop according to the body movements.

Through the transparent windows, a couple of female students can be seen dancing on top of their male counterparts, with all parties enjoying both the act and the fact that the bus is stuck temporarily so the journey elongates.

Midland High School Kawempe has spoken out strongly regarding the incident in which the school’s bus was filmed in the city jam while female students on board tweaked on the laps of their male counterparts.

The students are said to have been going for the agricultural show in Jinja on Friday when they took time off to put on a show for the onlookers.

Midland High School management has come out to distance itself from the students and their actions. The school says their only fault in this is owning the bus.

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