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Venezuela Plane Crash: Six People Die, Including The President Of The Estudiantes De Mérida Team!





In this article we are going to tell you about very shocking news it is news regarding an air tragedy that took place on Wednesday and unfortunately there were 6 people and out of the 6 people there was a President of the Estudiantes de Merida club, took his last breath and he passed away when the plane was traveling and it was unfortunately crashed and fall on the ground on the Cement factory in the city which was situated in Charavlave, which was situated in the North Central area of the country and after this news was informed by the deputy minister of risk management and civil protection whose name is Carlos Perez Ampueda. Let us know about the whole incident till the last of the article. Was a very dangerous incident and the complete aircraft has damaged the type of the aircraft was Learjet YV3304 talking about air top so it was heading towards Puerto Cabello on the central coast of Venezuela. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Venezuela Plane Crash Incident

Talking about the officers today also explains that the crew members of Gullimermo Vargas and Milton Quigua including them there were four members and also a sports leader name Christian Toni. However, the member of the Civil Protection and the firefighters also claimed that they were going for the task to generate the fire by the precipitation of the aircraft. The Football Federation of Venezuela was in great pain after all the Tony president of Merida club was one of the most well-known and most traditional clubs of soccer in the whole country which use to take part and used to participate the students internationally for the upcoming tournaments and the continent.

Six People Die In Venezuela Plane Crash

Full team of soccer is expressing their emotion because of the death of an excellent person who was a very great person and a genuine soul. Everyone is playing him tribute on the social media platform and the tragic incident has shocked everyone. However, the minister of the interior justice and peace also officially announce that the National Centre for the coordination and the emergency is disaster has been lined up and activated and it has been going to walk together with the year authority which is in, and also the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics so that they can perform the protocols and all the required things and action would be taken for this.

What Is The Cause Of Venezuela Plane Crash?

However, the investigation is still going on and we will let you know about the causes of this particular incident in the aircraft. We are sad to announce this news and we will start everyone find the peace we are sending a word of deep sympathy and condolence to all the families who have lost their loved ones they are going through a very rough and a half time and it is not easy to digest the fact that they love once will be not in this world anymore they all have been the part of this victim air tragedy. Sending our thoughts courage peace and lots of love to all the families at this difficult time may their souls rest in peace.


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