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What Happened To Brittany Higgins? Sensational Case Delayed After Lisa Wilkinson Logies Speech



Brittany Higgins


Brittany Higgins is an assault casualty who freely guaranteed in March 2019 that she was assaulted by a male partner inside the clerical office of her boss, then-Defense Industry Minister Linda Reynolds.

The preliminary of a man blamed for physically attacking Higgins inside Parliament House got deferred because of Lisa Wilkinson’s “rash” Logie Awards remarks.

What Happened With Brittany Higgins Inside The Ministerial Office? Wikipedia Bio Brittany Higgins told two news sources that she got assaulted late around evening time on March 22, 2019. It occurred in then-Defense Industry Minister Senator Linda Reynolds’ office in Parliament House’s ecclesiastical wing by an anonymous male associate after safety officers let the pair in.

Brittany said she turned out to be seriously inebriated at a work party and boarded a taxi with a partner, hoping to be dropped off at their different houses; all things being equal, she was shipped to Parliament House and assaulted while sliding all through cognizance.

In the early morning hours, Higgins was found half-stripped, inebriated, and puzzled in the priest’s office.

Brittany’s supervisor at that point, Reynolds, ended the blamed aggressor on March 26, 2019, four days after the supposed assault, for a “security infringement,” not the supposed criminal way of behaving.

She blamed Reynolds for leaving her in light of the fact that the occasion was politically disputable in a political decision year. She announced the assault to police however left the case in April 2019, expecting that the charge would bring about her occupation being ended.

Brittany Higgins Suspect Trial Delayed By Lisa Wilkinson’s Speech The preliminary got additionally postponed in June 2022 on the grounds that the court cautioned that the limit among charge and judgment of responsibility had been “destroyed” in Lisa Wilkinson’s triumph discourse at the Logie Awards in 2022 and conversation after the discourse.

Lisa met with Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold on June 15 to examine the proof she would introduce during the preliminary, as per Justice McCallum. Lisa said during the meeting that she had been designated for a Logie for her providing details regarding Higgins’ case on The Project a year ago.

The TV columnist was told not to remark openly on Brittany’s case since it might make the preliminary be delayed. Notwithstanding the admonition, Lisa entered the stage in the wake of being named Best News Coverage or Public Affairs Report.

On Tuesday, Justice McCallum let the court know that the assertion and resulting exposure had left her with no decision but to defer the preliminary. As indicated by Matthew Collins, President of the Australian Bar Association, Lisa may be examined and experience lawful ramifications.

Brittany Higgins Partner David Saraz Response In Her Case Brittany Higgins’ accomplice is David Sharaz, a columnist and previous public laborer. David has reprimanded a review that neglected to lay out the top state leader’s office informed against him and has promised that he and Brittany wouldn’t be threatened or hushed.

After Morrison’s head of staff found he was “not in that frame of mind to presume that the guaranteed activity happened,” Sharaz portrayed the report by John Kunkel as a practice in “PMO faculty safeguarding themselves.”

David told the Guardian Australia that the state leader’s head of staff had led “an assessment of his own office and views it as running appropriately.”

“The way that those cases have been made fills in as a fundamental sign of the need for [the prime minister’s] faculty to hold themselves to the best expectations,” Higgins’ accomplice said.

Sharaz blamed Labor for reprimanding the organization for not distributing the report and afterward scrutinizing it for doing as such.


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