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Zambia Chief reported to police for assaulting his estranged wife



Zambia chief


Chief Nyamphande of the Nsenga speaking people of Petauke District of Eastern Province has been reported to police for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife Dr. Patricia Shinondo Lintini.

Police sources confirmed with Daily Nation that on the evening of Sunday, June 19, 2022 a complaint was taken to Chelstone police station that Chief Nyamphande (Jerry Lintini) on had assaulted his wife.

It is believed that Chief Nyamphande and Dr. Patricia Shinondo, who is vice president of Zambia Medical Association, have been on separation for over a year and half.

It is also believed that the traditional leader was enraged when he thought the wife, Dr. Patricia Shinondo, was entertaining other men.

However despite the matter of assault being reported to the police, the sources are shocked that no action has be taken against Chief Nyamphande.

“When the incident happened, it is believed that the chief was the first person to go to the police to report that he had beaten his wife so that the matter is not blown out of proportion,” the source said.

The sources alleged that the chief also talked to a few police officers whose names could not be disclosed, not to issue any report to the wife as it would complicate the issue considering his position in society.

The report was eventually issued to her.

The sources also wondered why such an issue should be overlooked when government and other stakeholders are fighting issues of gender based violence which in most cases lead to the loss of lives among couples.


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