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A Kenyan Minister’s Son Who Died After a Helicopter Landed on His Head While On Loud Headphones





On May 13th 2008 former minister of Public Service Dalmas Otieno received the saddest news that any parent would never wish to receive. Dalmas recieved a chilling email from Canada about his son’s death who was doing his studies abroad. The news indicated that Isaiah who was 23 years of age at the moment had died from a helicopter crash which had hit him while walking. A Bell 206 jet crashed on top of Isaiah head killing him instantly as the young man could not hear the crash as he was on loud music from his headphones.

According to the passersby witnesses, the 23 year old man could not hear the disturbing sound from the almost crashing helicopter as he was on headphones. Any attempts to help him failed as he could not hear the screams from people’s warnings of the approaching plane. The three passengers on board including the pilot lost their lives together with Isaiah. It was reported that the minister’s son lost his life immediately after speaking to his father on phone call.




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