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Ashley Benefield Verdict and Trial, Where Is She and Her Daughter Today?




Previous ballet dancer and bathing suit model Ashley Benefield laid out a historic expressive dance organization. She is right now blamed for killing her significant other Doug Benefield in Florida and is alluded to be a killer.

“The Black Swan Murder,” tells her actual story. Jim Axelrod, a correspondent for “48 Hours,” will be highlighted in the piece, which airs on CBS on Saturday, June 4 at 10/9c and streams on Paramount+.

Stephanie Murphy says that Doug, his family legal counselor depict Ashley as this delightful, blameless White Swan however she was a terrible woman concealed under those white quills. The Black Swan is fundamentally her according to Stephanie.

Artist Athena Nikolakopulos adds, “Since ‘Dark Swan,’ I feel that is a many individuals’ just window into artful dance, which harms.” But this undoubtedly squeezes into that story.

Ashley Benefield Verdict and Trial During the official mission in 2016, Ashley and Doug previously associated at an evening gathering in Florida. Ashley was 24 and Doug was 54, yet it didn’t appear to issue. As per Alice Robb, a contributing essayist for the Vanity Fair magazine that he basically, in a flash felt Ashley was the most exquisite, the most astounding young lady on the planet.

In September 2020, Ashley Benefield said she shot her better half Doug Benefield with good reason as she strolled to her neighbor’s home.

Some have analyzed the previous ballet performer and swimsuit model to the cleverness character in the dramatic arrival of “Dark Swan.” Prior to getting hitched, Ashley and Doug Benefield had just been dating for 13 days.

He was a 54-year-old single man; she was 24. Following four years, one of them was viewed as dead, and the other was blamed for second-degree murder. Be that as it may, the decision is yet to be made.

Ashley is temporarily free from jail and the wrongdoing show ’48 hours’ is including their story.

Where Could Ashley Benefield and Her Daughter Today be? Just Ashley knows about every one of the subtleties, yet she has stayed quiet. Ashley was arrested and accused of second-degree murder five weeks after the episode. She made a not liable supplication. Subsequent to spending about fourteen days in prison, she was liberated on bail.

It is as yet questionable on the off chance that Ashley really thought she was going to lose her life or whether she is a shrewdness “dark swan” right out of a Hollywood creation. It’s guessed that her preliminary won’t begin until 2023.

Their girl Emerson was born under a year after their wedding. Ashley didn’t enlighten Doug concerning their little girl’s introduction to the world in March 2018 and she left his name off the birth record. After an appointed authority stepped in, it would require a half year before he could visit her.

The couple figured out how to take care of their problems and for a year, they had all the earmarks of being the primary content. In the spring of 2020, Ashley proposed taking their girl, who was 2 and a half years old at that point, and her mom, Alicia Byers, to Maryland. Doug agreed.

Despite the fact that for this situation, Doug’s girl is referenced more times, there are not many subtleties on Emerson. She is probably going to live with her mom in 2022.


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