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DETAILS: Who Is Kalpana Jambhale? A 53 Year- Old Mom Clears Class X Exam After 37 Years!



Maharashtra Woman Clears SSC After 37 Years 1


In this article we are going to tell you about very shocking news and this news is coming up from Maharashtra where a woman who is 53 years old and her name is Kalpana Jambhale has shown courage and she is clearing her class 10th secondary school certificate SSC exam after 37 years they were some reason why she stops it earlier talking about her family member so her son is a Software Engineer with MasterCard. This news is getting viral on the social media platform and several people are reacting to this news. Let us know the complete incident about this courageous woman. So unfortunately when she was 16 years old due to responsibilities she had to stop going to school and she did not complete her further studies when her father died because of this she was facing many problems and they were not financially stable. As a result, she thought that she should start earning so that her siblings will never face the same situation just like her. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Kalpana Jambhale?

However last year she get to know about the Maharashtra government scheme in which people can give their class 10 board exam and all so could you appear and they can go in both the mode online and offline so that they can study. She was very happy and excited when she came to know about this particular scheme declared by the government and she thought that she would be studying again and she will be completing the rest of her education then she decided to go to the school in the year 2021 in December but due to some reason she didn’t tell her son and husband, she used to go to the school daily by the walking distance and no one knew about that she is going to study.

A 53 Year- Old Mom Kalpana Jambhale Clears Class X Exam After 37 Years!

She was a very hard-working and a focused woman and she cleared SSC with 79.60% When her son came to know about he was very emotional and meanwhile he wrote a letter he was writing that with all the emotions and he is feeling fortunate and he has no idea that his mother is going to get this position. He is very proud of his mother and it is a great life and for everyone out there and all those women who have left their studies behind and were not able to complete their studies because of some problems in their houses you should start going out and never stop learning. Despite the factor that she was 53 years old she still had the correct to pass the SSC exam.

Now people are getting curious to know more about her and in Andreas and interview, she also mentions that it is just like a dream since childhood she wanted to complete her class 10th board exam and meanwhile she was feeling very happy and blessed to have a son and to have a husband who is very supportive because they have been supporting her from many years she also mentions that you should never stop learning and rather than giving up on yourself you should start doing something. It is a very proud moment for not only the people in her family but for all the women who thought that they are not able to pass the SSC exam.


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