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Dublin Man Conor Flynn Jailed Over Violation, What Are His Exact Charges?




Conor Flynn, a dad of three, was condemned to a half year in jail for furtively recording a lady while they were having intercourse and sharing the recording on Snapchat.

The lady was seriously damaged by the double-crossing, which affected her associations with different men and postponed her recuperation. Judge Kelly noticed that notwithstanding everything, the casualty had the option to keep her poise, pride, and set out to swear off drugs.

The casualty got acclaim from the adjudicator for her ethical backbone. She thought about the respondent’s affirmation of responsibility and the way that he “clearly laments his demonstrations.”

Who Is Conor Flynn From Dublin? Irishman Conor Flynn, 47, fills in as a worker for a development firm with workplaces on Tyrconnell Road in Inchicore. He visited a Dublin dependence recuperation office regularly since he battled with chronic drug use.

One year earlier, he had made a sex tape of a female without getting her assent. After Conor presented the tape on his “top contacts” on the informing administration, the lady affirmed in court that she felt “abused and damaged.”

She and Flynn met while they were both going through dependence restoration, and keeping in mind that she was giving him a sex act at his home, Flynn covertly recorded her.

She expressed that it caused her to feel “frail” for others to have seen a film of her that she had not seen and had not given her endorsement to. She said that when stood up to, he asserted he had messaged the film to his family members, and she viewed this case as “unreasonable.”

It made her “actually wiped out” to need to depend on him to guarantee that it was simply circulated to individuals he had determined.

Conor Flynn Jailed Over Violation Of Women Conor Flynn had sold out the lady’s trust by making a sex video and spilling it while she was at her generally helpless, as per Judge Treasa Kelly, who condemned him to a half year in prison.

Garda Ails McBride said in court that Flynn furtively recorded the casualty participating in intercourse with him and afterward posted the recording via web-based entertainment without getting her authorization.

On May 16, 2021, this occurred at his home. Flynn said something at the Kilmainham garda station when the case was being inspected.

The respondent purportedly sent the video to three or four of his nearest Snapchat companions, though the beneficiaries were not named in court.

As she read her casualty influence articulation in court, the lady, who was in her mid 30s, began crying. “My body responds in a crude, natural way; I freeze inside, I shudder,” she guaranteed when she saw Flynn today.

What Are The Charges Conor Flynn Facing?Conor Flynn had a critical number of earlier convictions for offenses like burglary, coercion, shakedown, and getaway from guardianship.

As per Mervyn Harnett, the casualty got a “genuine expression of remorse” from Flynn. He had forever been open and honest with the gardai. In spite of the fact that he recognized that sharing photographs of such a confidential nature was as yet unlawful, the film was sent by means of “ephemeral media.”

It was only after that that the shortfall of assent was uncovered. At the point when the casualty met Flynn, who was further along in his recuperation, she had been a “feeble woman,” as per Judge Kelly.


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